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Click to enlargeWilliam Shatner's Spplat Attack! DVD

William Shatner leads the forces of earth to resist the alien hordes led by national radio personality Mancow and the cyborg warriors led by paintball icon Tom Kaye.

Spplat Attack is a one-of-a-kind cross over of world famous sci-fi with the world's fastest growing extreme sport. Shot on location at Challenge Park Xtreme with over 1500 participants and nine cameras, this is the ultimate paintball movie.

Don't miss the action as three races battle to be the only survivor on a remote planet.

The setting and scenario of Spplat Attack will echo adventures familiar to fans of Shatner. As Shatner the Supreme he fights to keep the Big Giant Head's advanced weapons from falling into his enemies hands and preserve the balance of power in the universe. He must accomplish this not only by combat but by cunning. Strategy and alliances play pivotal roles as the three teams struggle to complete their missions.


DVD Bursting with extras like:

  • Shatner's Combat Training
  • Extreme Paintball
  • The Arsenal
  • Tom Kaye's Paintball Tips
  • Maps of Challenge Park's Battlefield
  • Photo Gallery
  • An Inside Look at Challenge Park
  • Biographies
  • Scene Selection
  • Hidden Easter Eggs


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