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Mr. Shatner's Newest and First Country Album: Signed!

The unsigned CD is currently available through Heartland Records. This is a PREORDER for a limited quantity of signed CD's from our store.

Mr. Shatner will sign these CD's in late September. They should ship before Halloween.

This will be the only offering for this signed CD.

He will only sign his name. There are no options for personalization!

The pricepoint on this CD is an amazing deal for those that attend conventions.

Note on Preorders: We charge credit cards upon receipt of the preorder. We do not wait until the item is in stock. In addition we will hold your order until all items are ready to ship at once so if you have an order with a preordered item; your order will be held until the preordered item is received." PREORDER HAS ENDED

Why Not Me CD - Signed By William Shatner **PREORDER** Why-Not-Me-Preorder