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Star Trek TNG/Voyager/DS9:  Starfleet Delta Decal (unused)

A unused Starfleet Delta Decal that was used to decorate props used in Star Trek: TNG, Voyager and Deep Space 9. The decal consists of a decal sandwiched between protective covers - one side of the decal is adhesive backed exposed by peeling off the protective covering. You can then adhere the decal onto an object. The other protective cover can then be removed to display the decal to its fullest effect.

The decals were used on items that were hand props in Star Trek feature films and the television series such as items seen below:

The decal measures approx. 3 X 3 inches, the sheet measures approx. 3.25 X 3.25 inches. A hand written inventory number is inscribed on one of the peel away sheets, creasing due to time and storage conditions is evident but it does not appear to have altered or affected the unused decal.