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Click to enlargeStar Trek TNG - Tallonian Crystal Prop

This is is a very heavy crystal prop from Star Trek The Next Generation. One of these prop crystals was sold during the Star Trek Auction several years ago as a "Tallonian Crystal". There is a bit of conjecture in fan circles as to whether these crystals were the Tallonian Crystals but we do know that a collection of these crystals can be seen during TNG in one of the ready rooms in a case.

Whether it is a Tallonian Crystal or not we do know the piece is from The Next Generation. It's a very cool looking piece of glass - we've actually been using one as a paperweight on our desk for a couple years now and have received several comments on the coolness factor of the piece.

This would make a great piece to any Next Generation or Star Trek Prop collection. We will furnish a Certificate of Authenticity from stating that the piece was used as set dressing piece for use in the Star Trek: The Next Generation and obtained from the Paramount Pictures Warehouse.

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