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RARE - Alternate Name Script - William Shatner's Personal Boston Legal Script Script Season 3 Ep  24  - Sacked aka Trial of The Century - Full Blue Revision Script

This Rare Full Revision script (meaning it is a complete rewrite of the original proposed first draft) is from Boston Legal Season episode "Sacked" which became "Trial of The Century" in subsequent rewrites.

Did the storyline get completely rewritten? Only the owner of this rare script will know for sure.

The front of the script shows the date of April 11, 2007. This is the Full Blue Version

This script was one of the scripts personally used my Mr. Shatner during his portrayal of Denny Crane in the series. This script comes packaged in an acid free bag along with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting that the script is from Mr. Shatner's personal collection. Image icon portrays an example of the front and back of the packaged script different revisions of scripts come in different colors depending upon what revision number the script is.

This is a one of a kind and would make a fantastic gift for the Boston Legal fan or even your own legal eagle lawyer in your life. Please do not ask if the script can be signed. We do not offer a signing service and the script is already packaged.