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Code of Honor - Original Final Artwork Combat Arena

From the ST:TNG Season One episode "Code of Honor" comes a full color piece of artwork of the combat arena from the episode. The piece measures 17" by 11" and is vividly colored showing the special effects concept for arena. We have included two screen captures showing the special effects of the arena set and how close it comes to this finished piece of art. Note: The screen captures are NOT part of the offering and will not be included with the purchase of this piece.

The artwork is titled Trek Combat Arena "Code of Honor" and is signed Sternbach 7-87.

About this Episode: The Enterprise is sent on a mission to negotiate a treaty for a rare vaccine. Tasha Yar is captured by aliens and taken from the Enterprise. In the attempt to get Tasha back she is forced to fight for her life in the arena by the planet's code of honor system.

About the artist; Rick Sternbach:
In the late 1970s, accomplished space and science-fiction illustrator Rick Sternbach was selected to design graphic & set elements for the Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Following the success of the Star Trek films, Sternbach was hired to further update the Trek universe for the second Star Trek television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Using the traditional tools of an artist: pencil, marker and pen, as well as computer aided design tools, he created new spacecraft, Tricorders, Phasers, and hundreds of other props and set pieces for the series. He continued in the mid-1990s designing new props for Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Mr. Sternbach also contributed graphic designs for Star Trek: Nemesis, including the new Romulan bird of prey and Senate chamber floor.

Signed lithographs of Mr. Sternbach's Star Trek work go for over $1000.00 on secondary markets. This is a one of a kind drawing!

The collection of Star Trek original art offered on was conceived and hand-drawn by Sternbach during the production of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Many of these pieces have Mr. Sternbach's scene, episode and other notations describing the piece; some are also signed and dated at the lower right corner.

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