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Boston Legal/ The Practice Prop: RARE Cross Over Sheldon Modry Award Plaque

From the set of Boston Legal comes this SUPER Rare plaque for Sheldon Modry. The Sheldon Modry character was played by actor Currie Graham who was an attorney for Crane, Poole & Schmidt on one of the final cross over episodes of The Practice entitled "The Firm."

Currie Graham appeared in several episodes of Boston Legal as Assistant District Attorney Frank Ginsberg.

This plaque is from the Suffolk County Bar Association and presented to Sheldon Modry of Crane, Poole & Schmidt for his contributions of support to their continuing education program.

It is a super RARE Crane, Poole & Schmidt prop from the Practice as the Sheldon character never made the cross over to Boston Legal. It has got to be one of the earliest and first Crane, Poole and Schmidt pieces ever made!

If you are a superfan of the show; this is one of those collector "grail" pieces that fans try to acquire from their favorite shows as it is from the transition.

We will also include a COA from attesting to the fact this super rare plaque was used on "The Practice"