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Archives: Star Trek IV Inflatable  Enterprise Advertising Display

From the Star Trek IV movie comes this blow up Enterprise ship advertising display. The display has slotted hole tabs for using string to hang it from the ceiling. The ship is emblazoned with the Paramount 75th Anniversary logo dating it to 1986 (the same year the movie was released) so it is a promotional item for the release of the movie.

The blow up toy measures approximately 36" long, 24" across and 12" high when inflated.

The item was sent to Mr. Shatner as part of the Paramount licensing which provided imagery of books, toys and advertising of Star Trek The Orginal Series and movies.

It does appear to have a slow leak that could be easily repaired but the item displays well when inflated as seen above. The item will come in a Kevlar, acid free bag sealed with the William Shatner Archives label to show its provenance.

Archives-STIVBlowUpRegular price: $79.99Sale price: $69.99