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Archives: I Am Spock Audio Book - 4 Cassettes

From Mr. Shatner's Archives comes this Audio Book set of 4 cassettes of Leonard Nimoy's I am Spock book. Not quite sure if this was a gift to Mr. Shatner or from the Paramount Marketing Department. There are 2 of these being offered. One has a notch indicating it was sent out as a promotional item and the other does not. (You can see the notched one from the back of the box.) The cassettes are in a clamshell case from the 1990's and are still sealed.

If you have a preference (notched or not) please note it on the message area of the order form. We will try to accommodate your request.

The audio books will be affixed with the Shatner Archives label to show it came from Mr. Shatner's Personal archives.